Brute beauty, valor, and act

Beauty is but the beginning of terror.
We can barely endure it
and are awed
when it declines to destroy us.
- R. M. Rilke


It's a long road we've been walking on

Can't you just feel it in the air? Its one of those days...for a nice cup of tea, a clear sky, a little sunshine, and a day off. Time for a quiet moment in time, and a little Alexi Murdoch.


eyeglasses full of stars

Another creative raindrop: Sherri DuPree, lyricist, vocalist, and guitarist for Eisley has at long last decided to share her drawings with the wide, wild world of the internet. Aren't they magical?


it is raining for, it is raining for us now

The lovely element which makes our little city so unique is that cold, wet thing dripping down your neck, rollin down your windows, splashing in the streets, pounding on your roof. I live where I do so that 75% of the year the beat of raindrops can put me to sleep. Blustery winter days are the best for adventurous rambles. Go out and get soaked to the skin! There is nothing better for body or soul.

and for your contempation: a little piece of fashion delightfulness.


and we walked the pagan streams

"What happened to the sense of wonder?
on yonder hillside, getting dim
why didn't they leave us alone?
why couldn't we just be ourselves?
we could dream and keep bees
and live on honey street

and we walked the pagan streams
in medetation and comtemplation
and we didn't need anybody, or anything
As the great great great great great
Being watches over
and we repair repair repair repair repair
to honey street"
- Van Morrison

My spirit is restless and longs to get away. I can't help but long for a raw wind and an open sky; time alone in the quiet.
pictures by little_my