Love Poem to God

By Rainer Maria Rilke

You see, I want a lot
Maybe I want it all:
the darkness of each endless fall,
the shimmering light of each ascent.

So many are alive who don't seem to care.
Casual, easy, they move in the world
as though untouched.

But you take pleasure in the faces
of those who know they thirst.
You cherish those
who grip for survival.

You are not dead yet. it's not too late
to open your depth by plunging into them
and drink in the life
that reveals itself quietly there.

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Nickel Halfwise said...

Ooh, I like that. I've been wanting to read some of Rilke's poetry, but I've never gone and looked it up. I was especially wanting to because of a quote I found from "Letters to a Young Poet": "You are looking outside yourself, and that above all, you must not do now. Nobody can counsel and help you, nobody."