How could she? I sat on the cold cement floor of Powells and literally howled. The Earthsea Trilogy has been one of my favorite fiction series for years. There's something unique about it. It is like a journey, an experience, a beauty captured in three slim volumes that catch your breath.
Frankly, I was surprised that Ursula Le Guin had it in her to write three unspoiled books. I respected her for it, even though her latest stuff is trash, at least she had written something once that was worth publication.
But she couldn't resist it, could she? Three unspoiled books just begged for a fourth. And so she ruined her one good series.
I'm feeling hopelessly bitter. I just read the worst novel in the universe. And it's Earthsea #4.


Ben said...

Just wait until you read, or rather don't read, Earthsea 5 and 6. And the abominable made for TV series and downright weird Ghibli film by Miyazaki's son. To her credit, Le Guin does hate both the movies.

Bennett said...

I read the Trilogy, I choose to remain oblivious to all other books and movies. It is a good trilogy, and as any good series it leaves you wanting another one!