Now that leaves are crunching under my feet and rain beating against my window, I am finding the idea of a great pile of wool on my lap very delightful. My fingers are working away, and all sorts of things are in the makings. There are wool arm and leg warmers to knit, a never-ending tobacco pouch project to continue, and felt to sew into little creatures to compliment the many leaves and nuts I have been gathering.
Driven by the need for more supplies, I went to visit an old friend the other day. Rose Sabel-Dodge used to run the local Waldorf School's store, but she has now branched out to found her own store, Gossamer, on Burnside. Gossamer is a fiber arts, crafts, and Waldorf supply store. The store carries 100% wool felt, plant dyed felt, brown sheep yarn, needle felting supplies, embroidery thread, beeswax candles, books and much more. Even if you're just interested in looking around, you should definitely give it a visit.

Above are some of the delights you might find there.

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