I caught this morning morning's minion

Our first day of real wind and rain. And I came home so invigorated, so soaked to the skin with glorious, wet drizzle, I thought I'd write about it. But once again, as I sit in front of this blank screen and wait for the words to come pouring out, I realize: they aren't coming.
The first time that realization hit me, I was dumb with furry. The emptiness of the months that have followed has served to make me fight with desperation for a change, however slight, in the ghastly phenomenon. So, in a round about way, I'm explaining this blog. It forces me to write, and when I cannot write, to think about at least one interesting thing a week.
You'll notice I mostly stick to photography, artwork, music, fashion....anything that doesn't need words. But all the while I'm straining to open that part of my brain that has gone into lockdown.

Now, for the point of this post: it is really autumn at last, and so breathtakingly watery outside I feel like dancing a jig in a puddle. Observe above: the fruits of my capers this morning with a very bad quality camera phone and beauty all around me.


Nickel Halfwise said...

Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month?

Little My said...

yeah, it's in November, right? I know a few ppl who attempted it once