Sometimes it's hard to find a way to keep on
Quiet weekends, holidays
You come undone
Open your window and look upon
All the kinds of alive you can be
Be still, be light, believe me
- The Weepies

Its so easy to get busy and without realising it, let the little moments drop. You stop noticing the artwork on the walls, or the lyrics of the songs, or the way the sun catches that roof just right. I've been too long astray in just that way. Song of the day: here.

and I'm afraid these photos were gleaned from an antique file on my computer. I have no idea whose they are


Nickel Halfwise said...

Have you read "Manalive" by G.K. Chesterton?

Little My said...

No, I haven't...but sounds like I should

Nickel Halfwise said...

Indeed, you should. One of its main themes is very similar to what you expressed in your post.