Saturday morning gloriousness, dripping leaves, soft warm rain and morning tea amidst the early morning market shoppers. After a week of stress and exhaustion, there's nothing quite like a house full of big hearts, food, and laughter to bring a much-needed freedom and peacefulness.
On the music front, the big news is about our new Revels CD, recorded this last spring. It will be released October 12th, but you can pre-order from Amazon or Revels Inc.
Listen to a clip: here

On the book front, I met Johnathan Franzen this last week and am enthusiastically diving into The Corrections while I wait for Freedom to arrive in the mail.

As fall sets in, the prevalent mood has been of Nick Drake, rainy bike rides (so incredibly refreshing!), and an achy, poetic meditative quiet. Work is hard, rest is deep, and the passion for life grows somehow ever stronger.

photos above by Bloom Grow Love

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