the wimpled
-water-dimpled, not-by-morning-matched face

- G. M. Hopkins

I'm being stalked by Ezra Pound, no joke. He follows me around in a pickup truck in my dreams, his face shaded by a baseball cap yet still unmistakable, and it seems like everything I open these days - there he is! Did you know the Wasteland was dedicated to him by T.S.E.? Well, neither did I, 'til I innocently opened to the first page yesterday to find "to Ezra Pound" staring back at me.
But I figure if its got to be someone, Ezra Pound isn't all that bad.

Aside from Ezra sightings, this spring is glorious! I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ron Hansen's Exiles in the mail - at last a good writer writing on George Manley Hopkins!

Sounds of today: here

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